Gout. It's painful. There is a long term ultimate remedy, so please keep reading if you want your suffering to end A.S.A.P.

Here is how it happens:

Sugar/Refined Carbs → Body Becomes Acidic (Non-Alkaline) → Uric Acid Crystals Form → Gout Attacks Occur

You may have heard of the typical cures... Cherry Juice Concentrate:

Cherry Juice Extract will ALLEVIATE the pain and shrink the swelling FAST. Any gout sufferer will tell you this is the best remedy, SHORT TERM.

IS THIS ENOUGH? The answer is NO.


The crystals still remain, although the swelling has been alleviated, the pain is eliminated, short term.

The real relief comes from the alkaline level in your body.

To flush the uric acid out for good you have to flood your system with alkalinity.

Is it really this easy?

Yes. Let me tell you my personal story... My husband of 20 years suffered from gout starting in 2006.

This was eleven years ago. Cherry juice concentrate for each flare up eliminated the pain and swelling, short term,

between all the suffering, the trouble walking, the doctor visits, etc.

It took us nearly TEN years to find the remedy to completely eliminate gout in the body.


The answer is NOT Baking Soda, as some websites would have you believe. The following is a Ph test on baking soda water vs. alkaline water.

The green is the baking soda result, the purple is the alkaline water. See the chart above and you will notice which color result has the higher Ph level. The purple result.


There are 3 ingredients in your local supermarket to make the perfect Ph balanced alkaline drink.

When drinking at least 64 ounces daily for 3 weeks the body will rid itself of the uric acid that remains even after you've cured the swelling and pain with cherry juice concentrate.

In 3 weeks time, the uric acid will be gone. It will literally have nowhere to go.


After 10 years of research into this topic I would like to share this information with all gout sufferers.

For the recipe on this water, you will need to follow the 1 gallon/2 part/2 part ratio.

It is very easy and simple to make yourself and you'll

save a lot of money, since you will not need to purchase a $2000 water ionizer.


While on this treatment, please drink as much as possible, use NO iodized salt, no refined white sugar, and no alcohol.


To order the alkaline water recipe, click the order button below. You will be IMMEDIATELY directed

to the page with the recipe & there is nothing you will have to download.


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